Nteka ‎– Spit Yr Gum Tape


"This album is the accumulation of two of the worst years of our lives. During these trying times of emotional and social turbulence NTEKA was our shelter, safe space and go-to coping mechanism to deal with all this struggle, sorrow and anger. This album is not only our defense but also an attack towards the new politics of control being shoved down our throats. A way not only to express our frustration but to reclaim our voices, our bodies, our lives, the way we want.

As we see it, the only way to accomplish this was by doing things ourselves and by building a network of like minded people outside of the commercial game, without bosses, payments, obligation and third parties' mediations. The band is a part of a self organized music studio (STUΔIO) in Athens and everything was done there from scratch. In this space we learned how to play our instruments, we jammed continuously, we laughed, we cried, we shouted collectively. In this space we became a band.

By expressing what we feel through our music and lyrics, we try to reconnect with our feeling, stop the massive numbness that is being forced upon us the last years and break the vicious circles of being trapped in situations that never seem to change or improve.

This is a call to spit yr gum, move forward, do what expresses yourself, feel free, love one another and stay in opposition with any form of establishment and any force of oppression and repression.