StuΔio - Mixtape Vol. I CD Cd


This is the first collective release of StuΔio. By listening to it, you'll get to experience a range of music that was captured through a series of jam sessions, live performances, and recordings made by individuals and bands that participate in the group.

We wanted this collection to reflect the diversity that characterizes us in terms of genres and styles, so we did not prioritize strict musical coherence. Our involvement in music is based on relationships, and how we build them. We don't want to settle for a framework where each band or individual makes music in isolation, but to create a space of free and equal participation and growth, both musical and political.

So, in May 2020, we created StuΔio as a self-organized music group and we appropriated the space of the old Polytechnic School student dorms, against the general condition of confinement and isolation that prevailed. After two years of our presence in the dorms, we found ourselves facing a housing problem due to the imminent renovation of the building.

Although the release of this CD satisfies our perennial desire to share our music, one of the reasons we chose to release it at this time is our effort to financially support the group to cover housing expenses.